You’ve likely come from my bookstagram account, but if not, then allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Rhiannon, I’m twenty-one years old and I’m from the beautiful country of Wales. I’m not currently in my homeland however, I’m a final year ancient history and archaeology student just over the border in England. My love for books stems from growing up in a rural location with no siblings so reading was a welcome escape for me from a young age. I grew up reading Enid Blyton novels which therefore, along with where I lived, sparked my love of the outdoors and exploration. The outdoors, books, tea, and music are the most important things in my life and I’m most at home in a comfy armchair, looking out over the countryside with a good book and a cup of tea along with some nice music in the background.

I started my bookstagram account in January 2017 as a method of getting back into reading after drifting from it during my time at university. It works as an effective way to practice my ability to arrange photos and begin reading more. I hope to upload book reviews to here and use as a place to just open up discussions about books, characters, and other such things.

This blog may also serve as somewhere I upload ideas for stories. This will include basic outlines for plots, character profiles, or clips from stories themselves. I expect these to be few though because inspiration rarely strikes me! I wish I could write an entire novel but I’m not good at sticking at a project for very long.

If you have any questions about my reviews, book recommendations, or about me, then drop me a message!

With love,