Wrap Up: January 2017

Wrap Up, 31/01/2017

January 2017

Welcome to my final post of the first month of my blog. This month has been simultaneously extremely stressful and rather exciting, the former due to my third year university exams and the latter because I started my bookstagram account (and this blog) and have already met a lot of amazing people. I also get to talk about books and that always makes me happy, reading for pleasure isn’t an interest I share with any of my university friends so interacting with people on instagram who do is such a lovely experience for me.

I also want to talk briefly about my aims for the future of this blog and what I hope to achieve with it. I want to be uploading weekly, most likely in the form of a book review although if inspiration strikes then I may do some more writing of my own or do some character profiles. Then at the end of each month I will do a wrap up where I talk briefly about the books I’ve read and maybe about my life if anything of interest has happened. This blog is more of an accompaniment to my bookstagram where I try to upload at least twice a day and so isn’t my main focus.

Enough about that though, on with the wrap up!

The first book I read this month was The Battle of Verril which is the final novel in Joseph Lallo’s Book of Deacon trilogy. I adore this series and have read it several times before and I fully recommend it (the first book is free on kindle here). I won’t talk specifically about the final book as I don’t want to ruin anything should you read it but it’s a high fantasy novel with an adorable dragon and interesting characters. While I suppose it doesn’t stray much from the typical high fantasy novel where a group of people come together to save the world, I feel it’s well written and very enjoyable and I will likely read it numerous times throughout my life, even if it’s just to see the total sweetheart that is Deacon.

The second book I read was The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I loved this book a lot, Rothfuss is an incredibly talented writer and I was thoroughly captivated by this book from start to finish. The way the story is told by the central character I found rather interesting as it suggests we don’t know everything, Kvothe only tells the reader what he thinks we should know and I wonder a little what Rothfuss has left out of the story because it isn’t something Kvothe would want the world knowing. The Kvothe in the story is not at all the same to the Kvothe who is telling the stories and I can’t wait to find out more of what happened that led to him being where he ended up.

The next book I read was A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas which my review of was the first ever post on my blog (read it here). This book was a disappointment to me, especially after coming from a book so well written as The Name of the Wind, but I did enjoy it. It was a very rushed book with little fleshing out of the world and the characters which I found quite sad since I had such high hopes. Though Lucien, I did love Lucien. I have it on good authority that A Court of Mist and Fury is better though and shall be reading that and posting my review of it soon, hopefully in February.

I then read A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness and was emotionally ruined. It was such an incredible book and the film was just as good (though I did miss Lily). I wrote a full review of this book and why I gave it five stars here. This is the book I recommend you read most out of all the ones I’ve read this month, it is beautifully written and Ness has done a wonderful job of capturing the emotions of a boy struggling with loss. I also think you should watch the film afterwards because it’s also incredible, the cinematography is stunning, the animated parts are beautiful, and the acting is amazing. Just watch it after reading the book, as you should do with all films based on novels. This book is going to be one of my favourites of all time and I’m going to be reading some more of his novels soon.

The final book I read this month was A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Schwab which I loved. It was well paced and allowed you to sink thoroughly into the story and I’m so in love with all the characters! I’m looking forward to continuing the series soon because it’s a truly magical story and world that Schwab has created. The only part I disliked a little was towards the end when something seemed to happen a bit out of the blue but it did make sense – I was definitely caught off guard by it. I gave the book five stars on Goodreads though!

In my reading list for February is The Girl With All The Gifts by M.R. Carey, Caraval by Stephanie Garber, and Traitor to the Throne by Alwyn Hamilton. These I should be uploading reviews for and I’m not sure which other books I’ll be reading just yet but The Raven Boys has been delivered to my local library for me to pick up so that’ll probably be on my list. My review for Carve The Mark should also be appearing soon, when I finish reading it. Well, that’s all from me for January, speak to you all soon!


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